Friday, 31 May 2013


That day, I was trully lucky with the weather, but finally become warmer. It's a good cause during this all days make us really fed up esspecialy that we really wish nice weather- almost June. Then its time to enjoy your weekend hope will be warm, here with the dress from Spain shop which is kinda nice and very good to check it.

Everyone knows that staying with the flowers makes us really calm, we need to enjoy with the nature it's the best for us! 




Thursday, 30 May 2013



During work hard week, the struggle is always to stay warm. I mean you get so tempted to look cute and everything, wear light sweater with black trousers but let's admit : that's not what'll keep you warm when it's 14° outside. I tried it, and though I enjoyed the result on the pictures I still needed my cozy day in my warm clothes. Joking, poor spring day enjoying... I can tell, instead off this awul weather its time to enjoy the day. I am staying on one of the best restaurant in Poland, here everything taste great, today the day is very slowly its time to say stop just for a moment enjoy your lunch and free time in a normal but classic way.



Tuesday, 28 May 2013


HOT & COLD  It's quite crazy to see that travelling a couple of hours is enough to meet the sun. I completely forgot what the hot weather feels like because of the harsh conditions in Poland and in most of the european countries actually. The weather here was quite surprising though : we really didn't expect such a climate change and I took only winter clothing with me... Luckily, since we were staying in this time in Poland was warmer chance to pick out a couple of items  you guys can discover in this article.
Even if the weather during the day was super nice, once the sun was setting down it got more and more windy therefore  That day,  Robert and I had some free time to explore the city, where we stayed for some couple of hours Cracow, we got adviced to try out the ''Wentzel'' which is a really amazing restaurant located in the center of the city. We had the chance to enjoy some nice time there. Then of course we had the visit in the mountains, I really did miss it... I just wanted to stayed there.

my love,the best boyfriend on earth @Robert- Wentzl, Cracow.

Saturday, 25 May 2013


QUICK UPDATE So this month of June is going to be pretty busy for me, which means obviously very good. I have got a lot of absolutely amazing surprises waiting for you, which of course you'll find revealed throughout the month, but you can expect the unexpected and some really exciting destinations. Today I am announcing one to you.
As you know, there is a lot of not discover brand yet - one of the most amazing is MOHITO...
It is time to discover this brand on the fashion world.


                                                                      Pictures by Magdalena Kleszczynska


Friday, 24 May 2013

Welcome on my blog Caroline Pe.
I would like to start making a blog about fashion, travel and inspiration of life.  I will show to you all my experience during this time. I am going to collect new ideas of style , trends and news.
I hope you will enjoy this web page.

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