Monday, 14 October 2013


AFTER THE SUMMER, THE COLD For a long time I didn't write a new post but it is time to be back, I was really quite bussy with everything but finally we are again.
 I must admit that so far or more precisely as far a season summer/spring 2013 goes, this has bee definietly one of my favourite season ever. First of all, not that we are coming in the horrible weather time because in Spain is still this 23C. And this time I will start to make some experiments cause it is not time to became boring  I love experimenting and trying new things out, Like I already said that's what fashion is about for me. It's about re-inventing yourself, your style every single day. So yes this look is most definitely "me" and the state of minde I was in that day. The sky got gray hues, and the trees are geeting orangy/red which is so beautiful. The month of October has always been a pretty exciting one for me as always it is a beginig of something new, even if it is a dying season for nature. Here I'am wearing one of my favourite brand Mohito which I really missing in Spain market clothes, with Zara shoes, everything is comparing to the weather and the soul of going to sleep season.

dress Mohito
shoes Zara

photos Robert Brunet